Co-extrsuion pvc board
Co-extrsuion pvc board
Co-extrusion PVC Board are using the co-extrusion process . It's like the sandwich panel , it's same materials for core and surfaces . the core is foam PVC and two sides skin are rigid PVC.That particular process make the product unique performance . Provides a hard surface for both thin sheets and thick boards . The hardness of the surface is very high ,can not be scratched by fingers so easily .The surfaces of Co-extrusion are smooth and glossy .It's also a ideal replacement product for wood .
Size :1220*2440mm 
(length available within 5.8m) 
Thickness from 2mm to 25mm 
 Density : 0.45-0.9g/cm3 
 Color : Pure white 
 Surface: Glossy
Co-extrsuion pvc board
Co-Extrusion PVC Board 
Lightweight , durable ,moderately expanded closed cell sheet materials 
Processing Capabilities :
Digital printing 
Screen printing 
Secondary graphics adhesion 
Gluing Laminating 
Saw, bolt, drill and rivet 
Cold curving
Sealed mitred joints 
Spray painting 
Co-extrsuion pvc board
Co-extrsuion pvc board
Product Features :
•Brighter white UV stable pigmentation 
•Smooth premium matt surface 
•Closed cell structure - easy to fabricate 
•Suitable for internal and external use 
•UV and weather stability  
•Lightweight and easy to handle 
•Strong and durable rigid board 
•Moisture resistant and impermeable 
•Dimensional stability 
•Chemically resistant and non-corroding 
•Sound and vibration absorbent 
•Low thermal conductivity 
•High insulating value 
•Good fire performance 
End Use Applications :
•Wall and ceiling cladding
•Partitions •Shop outfitting 
•Point of sale 
•Fabricated displays
•Exhibition stands
•Marine industry
•Arts & Crafts
•Model making